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"I am so thankful for the rich academic foundation with which Ascension provided me through it's challenging curriculum and teachers and faculty who care deeply for students. Ascension teachers are rare finds, the kinds of educators who not only spend extra hours helping students figure out problems or edit essays but taking the time to learn about them over cups on hot chocolate."

Me'Lena Laudig

2015 Ascension Graduate

2019 Yale University Graduate

2020 Princeton Ph.D. Candidate

"Thanks to my teachers, I learned my true potential while at Ascension Academy. They encouraged me to take AP and dual credit classes, which allowed me to focus more on the classes for my degree."

Lauren Castillo

2015 Ascension Graduate

2018 Carroll College Graduate

"The teachers at Ascension are top notch and really care about their students' future. They really help prepare you for college and life on a number of levels, which has come into play in my career at Bell Helicopter."

Leo Looten

2010 Ascension Graduate

2016 WTAMU Graduate

"My years at Ascension Academy were the most academically challenging of my life, including college and grad school. I learned to write convincingly and creatively, and the classes taught me perseverance. My organizational skills and time management habits were formed during that time. Ascension also gave me the opportunity to play multiple sports, plus participate in the fine arts and academic competitions."

Alyssa Boren

2006 Ascension Graduate

2011 Texas Tech Graduate

"Because of dual credit classes and the opportunity to attend Amarillo College my senior year, I graduated Ascension Academy with 56 hours of college credit. This helped me graduate engineering school in three and a half years, compared to my peers who took close to five years."

Mickey Murray

2004 Ascension Graduate

2007 Texas A&M Graduate

"Because of my experience at Ascension Academy, I was better prepared than my fellow college classmates. The many extracurricular activities offered and small class sizes helped me excel in my studies while learning responsibility."

Allison Paquette

2012 Ascension Graduate

2016 George Mason Graduate

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