Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the

heart of a person go together.

~ John Ruskin

The Texas Panhandle's only private college preparatory school for students in grades 6 through 12


At Ascension Academy, students have the opportunity to participate in vocal
music in both a solo and an ensemble environment under the direction of
Mykel Byersmith.

As Richard Strauss said, “the human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all,
but it is the most difficult to play.” Students who sing in the choirs at Ascension
Academy will learn how to develop their individual talents, as well as teamwork
through choral singing.

A thriving choir program requires students to be well versed in music theory,
aural skills, and sight reading. When achieved, these skills are shown to improve
the overall academic performance in many students.

Our goal is to create lifelong musicians in the students. While most students will
grow to pursue things other than music in their future endeavors, it is our hope
that they never lose their love and appreciation for singing.







Founded in 2000, Ascension Academy is Amarillo's only college preparatory school providing an education in a challenging, faith-affirming environment to maximize
the potential of every student. 

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