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The Texas Panhandle's only private college preparatory school for students in grades 6 through 12



Since the intent of Ascension Academy is to be the premiere college preparatory education in Amarillo,our middle school program begins this process towards excellence in language arts. We immerse our sixth graders in a two-class English program, helping them build a solid foundation in both reading and language arts. Teachers introduce all genres of literature to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of reading, enhancing critical thinking skills through discussion and close reading. Mastering the core elements of grammar improves student writing in preparation for the high school curriculum, as well as for Advanced Placement, SAT, and ACT tests. Such writing includes incorporating embedded quotations from fiction and non-fiction sources.

Our department stresses the MLA format as appropriate for each level. Furthermore, emphasizing
words in context, along with Greek and Latin roots, builds the vocabulary necessary for success in upper-level courses. Our basic guide for integrating reading, composition, and grammar skills continues to be Laying the Foundation, a series of integrated objectives. All teachers have attended seminars given by College Board representatives.


Our high school English program begins the journey to linguistic excellence encouraged by AP guidelines. Preparatory 9 and 10 have daily drill in advanced vocabulary, as well as emphasis on the manipulation of phrases, clauses, and other stylistic techniques. Literary research papers combine primary and secondary sources with embedded quotations and citations. Teachers present a wide range of World Literature, both classical and modern. Continued use of Laying the Foundations, integrates the linguistic and literary elements smoothly. AP English 3 offers students not only an overview of significant American literary works, but also emphasizes the study of the art of rhetoric.

To that end, students will be working towards an understanding of how to analyze and craft well-
developed, well-supported and persuasive arguments in their own writing. Writing assignments and
projects will be varied and will enable students to develop proficiency in the narrative, expository,
argumentative, and persuasive modes. Reading will include essays, novels, short stories, poetry, and
personal narratives. Seniors in AP English 4 have experiences in both British and European literature. The teacher encourages analysis through journals and creative projects. The curriculum also includes student essays, both process and timed. Research will center around the argumentative essay and the literary essay. A daily study of allusions continues to expand the critical reading process. Review of rhetorical techniques encourages success on the two English AP exams.

Dual Credit students will:

  • Understand basic rhetoric concepts: subject, audience, purpose, and appeals, apply rhetorical concepts in analyzing and evaluating text.

  • Use standard American English to write essays that are rhetorically effective, clear, organized detailed, grammatically correct, and audience specific.

  • Use the library’s online databases and other computer resources for research and word processing.

  • Write a third person, argumentative research paper following the MLA format for citing sources.

  • For more specificity see instructor’s syllabus posted on the Amarillo College website.

Ascension Academy provides students with an exemplary college preparatory education in a challenging, faith-affirming environment to maximize the potential of every student.

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