Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition is a concern for us. How does variable tuition work? Will I qualify?

**Video on Variable Tuition**

How do I get involved in the school? Is there a parent organization?

Parents of Ascension Academy (PAA) is a parent lead organization that volunteers with the lunch canteen, donations, events, and organizes parent nights. For more information on PAA, find their page here.

I hear that students have a lot of homework at Ascension. How many hours a day is typical?

Typical homework loads depend on the grade, extracurricular activities (inside and outside of school), and time management. Parents can expect more homework towards the end of quarters and during finals. 6th Graders are put in a mandatory Study Skills class to learn how to manage their homework and time while at Ascension, and can see an average of 1-2 hours/night. All other grade levels are given the opportunity to have a study hall, and can see an average of 1-3 hours/night.

What is the Gala?

Ascension Academy's Friendly Feud Gala is an annual fundraiser to raise money for development and student scholarships. The next gala is on Saturday, February 22, 2020. You can help by donating items for the silent and live auctions, or joining us and buying tickets. Ticket information coming soon!

Will we have fundraising responsibilities that we are required to do?

Ascension is unique in the fact that we do not do the typical fundraisers found at many public schools (selling chocolate, cookie dough, etc.). Instead, we ask you to donate your time and resources. Individual clubs and classes do large fundraisers hosted by the school, and they could use your help! Fundraising events include 'Rent-a-Roman' to send the Latin club on their yearly trip, and the Rummage Sale to help fund the choir's travels to TMEA. More information about ways to help will be sent via email to parents throughout the year.

What sports, clubs, and activities are offered for students?

What percentage of your middle school students stay at Ascension for high school?

Do you participate in state standardized testing?

What curriculum do you use for middle school and high school?

Do you rank in high school? Why not?

Will my child get scholarships for college?

In a word: YES! Over the past 20 years, we have had our senior class average $2 million in scholarships every year.

What is the typical class size?

We believe that a smaller class size means that each student is getting the attention that they require to flourish. Average student to teacher ratios are 15:1, but vary on grade level and class.

Can I communicate with teachers directly? Can I meet with the teachers?

All faculty and staff emails can be found on the Faculty and Staff page. You can also communicate with teachers through Gradelink. Parent-Teacher meetings are set by the teacher upon request or necessity.

What are your average AP, SAT, and ACT test scores?

Is my student expected to/ likely to get straight A’s?

Except for size, what makes Ascension any different from other area schools?

Simply put, this is not only a school, but a community and an experience. The Ascension Experience is something that students take away and continue to use in college and beyond.