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"Ascension ON AIR": The Student Perspective

Max E., Class of 2023:

In a year like 2020 innovation, ingenuity, and versatility are key. Theater and versatility are rarely two words used together, however, our own Ascension Academy Theater Department has been nothing but prolific and resourceful. As you may know, the ever-present pandemic has made it nothing but a challenge to arrange any sort of event either in person or virtually, but with the greatest adaptatiousness, our theater department has looked to the past, searching for a way to unite people without physical contact. Staying true to our roots, we have produced and planned an extensive radio show, a show that started with an uncertain idea. My peers and our intrepid director, Mrs. Liz Wilson, have created an audiographic showpiece guaranteed to triumph. This on-going hindrance has brought ourselves and others together in a way recently forgotten, over the radio, allowing for an unbridled exploration of days gone by.

This show will always be a special memory of mine, as my peers and I have taken on a lot of responsibility and hard work to plan an event to demonstrate our skills. These skills are something we all enjoy sharing, a way to bring joy to others, especially in such rough times.

Gigi J., Class of 2021:

While I was sad to learn that this year we would not be able to do many things I love about theater, such as acting on stage, blocking, costumes, and performing, we were still able to do a very different type of acting which still allowed us to bring characters to life, be creative, learn new techniques, and even incorporate a little bit of costumes. With restrictions forcing us to rethink what we normally do, Mrs. Wilson had the idea to do a radio play. Because we were in uncharted territory, this year required more collaboration than ever. We started by teaming up and researching the different eras of radio together to present to the rest of the class. This way way we would all have an idea of what role radio played in people's lives and what kind of programs were popular.

After that we read countless scripts trying to find ones that would fit the size of our cast, but we eventually decided instead of a single play, multiple smaller ones would give more opportunity. Then we broke into groups to create a pitch to the class, choosing a theme and plays to fit it, making a budget, show name, and host for the program. After the plays were chosen and tryouts were done, we worked with the others in our play to make sound effects, create our characters, and rehearse for recording. Even though theater was very different this year, it has still been an amazing experience. Because we did not have a hard deadline for the show this year, we were allowed to take more time for learning about the history of radio, play improv games, and have more creative freedom. Please come and see all of our hard work this year for a night of enjoyment on December 11th at 7:00!

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