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How Ascension Made Me a Leader

By Brianna Davis, Class of 2021

Defining yourself as a leader when you’re not a legal adult yet is challenging; everyone is telling you that you need to step up and take responsibility right up until you muster up the gut to do it--then the adult table suggests you let them handle the situation. I’m happy to say such is not the case at Ascension. I’ve been in Student Council since the seventh grade, the Ambassadors program since the sixth grade, became an officer in Latin Club freshman year and sophomore year, and have been involved with a number of community service projects outside of school. This may look like a phenomenal resume, yet a list of involvement doesn’t always correlate with true leadership skills. Although involvement did contribute to my leadership skills today, it’s the teachers and staff at Ascension that have guided and molded me into a leader not only within the school, but in my community as well. Mr. Jenkins, my sixth, seventh, and eleventh grade science teacher also led the Middle School Student Council. He encouraged me to never stop asking questions, both in Student Council and in class. This piece of advice encourages me to keep pushing forward through every obstacle I come across by asking “how” and “why,” persevering until I discover an answer to my problem.

As I embarked on my high school journey at Ascension, I began to better understand the function of faculty, staff, and students, and how those moving pieces fit together to make a successful school. Now, as I sit as the president of the High School Student Council, I am pushed every day by Mr. Oditt to be a better leader. It is with his guidance, encouragement, and kind smile every morning that I have learned how to better communicate with the student body and the Student Council itself, not to mention get the opportunity to connect with the administration in a way students really hadn’t been able to do before. It’s thanks to these opportunities that Ascension has provided that I am now better equipped to take on the journey before me, leading myself and others into a successful future.

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