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How many ______ does it take to change a light bulb?

Dr. Summerhill, Head of School

Such one-liners that poke fun at some ethnic, national or gender target either make us chuckle, groan or leave the room. Like most jokes, each assumes a stereotype that, while true for some falls far short of describing everyone or even the majority of those being lampooned. With that in mind, how would you fill in this blank:

How many ______________does it take to pay for my child’s education?

This is a far trickier riddle to answer, as it depends on where my child is being educated, how much it costs, and how many people are contributing to make it feasible and affordable. But let me give it a try.

If I insert people into the blank space above, and apply it to Ascension Academy, then that number would be quite large. In addition to parents (paying some portion of an annual tuition) we’d have to add teachers (with salaries in line with our lean budget), as well as a host of Ascension benefactors. And who might these people be? That list would include current and former board members, former parents, former teachers, current and former grandparents, alums, and donors from our community, businesses and foundations. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an even larger company of people to educate one.

For twenty years Ascension Academy has been in the business of making our world a better place by empowering children through education so they can become productive and self-sufficient adults. Because we are not a government-funded school, we must find people who believe in and value what we are doing to make this work. Together these stakeholders make it possible for us to provide our students with a world-class college-prep education at well below the $14,000 per child it costs us to operate.

Public schools spend far less on each of their children due to the economy of scale. Classes with 25-40 kids and fewer adults/child (12:1) to instruct, supervise, coach, direct, counsel and discipline are cheaper to run. Since we at Ascension believe that class size does matter in how well and how much students learn, our 6:1 ratio and classes of 10-15 students comes at a cost that most schools are not willing to pay.

How many people does it take to pay for my child’s education? All of them. All who want my child to be inspired, even pushed to reach his or her potential and not just get by or fall through the cracks. How many people? All who care about the future of our family, our community, our nation and our world. For tomorrow will belong to those men and women who, during their youth, received the very best education that would prepare them to succeed. And that is what Ascension Academy does best.

Your gift to Ascension’s Annual Fund is an investment in a better future for your child, your family, and the communities in which your child will make a difference.


Founded in 2000, Ascension Academy is Amarillo's only college preparatory school providing an education in a challenging, faith-affirming environment to maximize
the potential of every student. 

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