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The Luckiest of Years

Dr. Summerhill, Head of School

Numbers have power over us, at least symbolically. The number 7 is a perfect or lucky digit for many people. Thirteen, on the other hand, evokes dread whether it lands on a calendar day or is the unnumbered floor in hotels and office buildings. And any of us gifted with 20-20 vision can count it one of life’s greatest advantages.

This week we will invariably catch ourselves writing 2019 until we get used to the double 20s of this new decade. Right now it is anybody’s guess as to whether 2020 will bring us prosperity or usher in a season of mishaps and troubles. But of one thing I am sure: 2020 will be a very lucky year for all of us at Ascension Academy.

But of one thing I am sure: 2020 will be a very lucky year for all of us at Ascension Academy.

Lucky? Why would I say that? I don’t even believe in magic or luck. But if luck is construed as good fortune, or favor, then I do believe the coming months in the year 2020 will be the luckiest, or as we like to say in Texas, most blessed, of years.

What inspires me to say this are three well-worn yet profound observations about luck and success in life:

“Luck is the residue of design” (Branch Rickey, 1946)

“Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.” (Seneca ca. 60 A.D.)

“The more I practice, the luckier I get.” (Gary Player, 1970s)

Whether voiced by the baseball executive who broke the racial barrier in American sports after World War II, or by a Roman philosopher nearly two millennia ago, or more recently by pro golfing great Gary Player, the truth of these sayings is hard to deny. Luck is not an unpredictable and magical force or a plan of action upon which to base one’s life. Neither is it a mysterious companion whom gamblers hope will charm them with winning hands or rolls of dice.

Luck is that word we often reach for to help us explain unexpected good fortune. Yet upon closer examination we inevitably realize that most of our success in life is the result of planning (design), preparation and practice. Luck is a consequence and a reward for all that we have done and learned to ensure the very best of outcomes whenever opportunities present themselves to us.

So it is with the confidence borne out by generations of human experience and wisdom that I boldly say that 2020 will be a very lucky year for all of us at Ascension Academy. For all of us devoted to this school understand that the formula for success and achievement in life depends on the time and energy we commit to planning, preparing and practicing.

Here’s to a 2020 that will be a great year—full of good luck--for each of you and for our school.


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