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Dr. Bill Summerhill, Head of School

It’s as if he’s staring right at you, perhaps even through you. His pointed finger leaves no doubt in your mind that he’s talking to you when he says, “I Want You!” For more than two centuries, millions of American men and women have responded to Uncle Sam’s appeal because they realized that their country valued them and needed them. And all of us today may count our blessings because people who were wanted were ready and willing to act on that summons.

Ascension Academy is a very small but very important realization of the American dream. And for every one of our students and their families, Ascension is living proof of what can happen when ambition and hard work turn talent and potential into opportunity. I say this not only because I want it to be true. I’ve seen it come true, and our seniors and graduates each year demonstrate how true this is.

American colleges and universities value, need and want our students. How many of them? All of them. But don’t take my word for it. Scroll down this newsletter and see for yourself what an impressive list of colleges and universities have reached out to our seniors and said, “We Want You!” Then consider how much these schools are willing to invest in our kids by giving them scholarships that confirm how much they really do want them. That puts our students in a very unique category distinguishing them from most of their peers in our region.

I’ve heard that Panhandle parents get excited by the possibility that their public school child may be counted in the top 10% of their graduating classes and receive an automatic acceptance into a big Texas university. We can thank the Texas legislature for this, mandating that public universities comply, simply because THEY HAVE TO. We don’t hear much about the 10%-ers who have to take remedial classes or even drop out because they are not ready for college. Yet it is these same universities, and others of equal or greater prestige across our state and nation who extend acceptances to our students for a very different reason: THEY WANT TO. And why wouldn’t they?

The plain truth is that America’s colleges and universities don’t give away acceptances and scholarships. But they will and do invest in students whom they believe can succeed at their schools, will bring talent and intelligence to their campuses, and will go on to become honorable, supportive alums. Ascension students meet all of these criteria, not because they fall into some 10% ranking file, but because they have proven themselves in our excellent and rigorous college-prep program.

I trust that all of our Ascension parents share my joy in knowing that our students are the most prepared, college-ready high school graduates in the Texas Panhandle. The list of college acceptances and scholarships makes this both clear and indisputable: Colleges and universities like our school, value our program, and want our students. And doesn’t that feel good to be so wanted.


Founded in 2000, Ascension Academy is Amarillo's only college preparatory school providing an education in a challenging, faith-affirming environment to maximize
the potential of every student. 

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