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What IS Variable Tuition?

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Katy Reid, Director of Admission & Financial Aid

How can we afford Ascension?

I hear this question often from prospective parents, as we begin the conversions about the admission process. It is usually one of the very first topics we discuss. The Ascension answer to affordability and an investment in their children’s future is Variable Tuition. Variable Tuition is simply a way for us to work with each family individually to offer a customized level of tuition within the Variable Tuition range we establish each year. Variable Tuition is the way many of our families make an Ascension education possible for their children, even if they have never required financial assistance in other decisions for their family. To put this in perspective, 48% of our current families utilize Variable Tuition at various levels.

How do we apply for Variable Tuition, and is it confidential?

Having conversations about financial needs and family circumstances is not always easy and each family is unique. At Ascension, confidentiality is a priority, and we value the relationships we build in the admission process. If a family is interested in Ascension for their child, we are committed to working with each family individually and confidentially to make an Ascension education a real possibility for each mission-appropriate student.

The admission process and the variable tuition process are separate but work in tandem so that we can work on both aspects of admission and affordability to allow the school and our prospective families to work together toward acceptance and a financial plan. The variable tuition application is the key to the variable tuition process. The online application is easy to complete, and I am always available to answer questions, help with supporting documents, and support families through the application process. The end result is an internal review of each application and a customized tuition offer extended to the family for the upcoming academic year. Variable Tuition applications are completed annually so that changes in financial circumstances for each family may be considered on a yearly basis.

What about payment options?

Regardless of tuition levels, Ascension offers several payment options for tuition. Payments may be made annually, semi-annually, or monthly over a 12-month period beginning in July and ending in June for the current academic year.

How should we communicate the value of the investment in Ascension to our child?

Private education is an investment in your child’s future. Opportunity is the key to this investment. Your child will be a part of a cohort of like-minded students who have the opportunity to grow academically in a college preparatory environment underpinned by the four pillars of Ascension achievement as Scholars, Artists, Athletes, and Leaders. Through their career at Ascension, they will learn to be confident, independent life-long learners who are well-prepared to be successful in college and beyond. Our campus culture teaches and reinforces the life skills that support academics but also the skills young people need to be confident members of their communities. Ascension Academy offers a unique opportunity in Amarillo to position students for future success in all their endeavors and variable tuition unlocks this life-changing opportunity.

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