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"Why I joined PAA"

When my son started at Ascension a little over a year ago, our family was new all around. Not only was this a new school for our family, but also a new town. As all people do when they settle into a new place, I began to seek out a place to belong; somewhere that I could make a difference and develop relationships. This transition did not come instantly for me. It took me several months to get involved with the Parents of Ascension Academy (PAA). I was drawn to PAA because, not only would I be helping to improve an already great environment for my son, but I also was able to get to know other parents who had the same goal at heart. We were all meeting, sharing, and working on ways that we could help our kids to have a better learning experience at Ascension.

Getting involved in PAA has helped me to connect with the school in a way that I would have otherwise missed. I have been able to connect with the people who are interacting with and teaching my kids on a daily basis. Having these relationships has been tremendously helpful in better understanding how I can help my kids grow and has also provided a more clear line of communication with the teachers and coaches.

By being involved with PAA and the activities going on at the school, I also have the opportunity to interact with the kids. It is extremely gratifying to see and get to know the people that you are working and volunteering for. Nothing warms your heart as much as seeing something you have worked towards bring enjoyment to your kids and their friends.

PAA has also allowed me to develop friendships with other parents at Ascension. This truly builds a community feeling within the school when parents are coming together with a unified goal of wanting the very best for their children. We get to create and cultivate ideas and see them come to life to help make Ascension all that it can be for our kids. I am so excited to see what this year holds for Ascension and I am looking forward to being a part of it!

Danna Lagan

PAA Vice President

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