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The Texas Panhandle's only private college preparatory school for students in grades 6 through 12



The study of life through the methods and discoveries of science helps students develop an informed
view of the mechanisms that govern the natural world and the processes that continue to shape our
universe. Science encourages students to develop their powers of observation while challenging them to
apply their best reasoning in analyzing the kind of data that leads to discovery and invention.

Middle school students move sequentially through earth science, then life science, and finally physical
science. The classes are designed to challenge students and prepare them for more the detailed and
rigorous high school science classes they will be required to take at Ascension, including participating in,
and reporting on, laboratory experiments and hands-on- projects.

High School students are immersed into our preparatory science curriculum that prepares them for both AP
and Dual-credit courses in grades 11 and 12. Students begin with biology in grade 9, followed by
chemistry in grade 10, and physics in grade 11 leading up to their senior AP biology or dual credit life science
courses. Advanced students may elect to double I science, moving them further ahead in chemistry or
physics that prepare them for optional AP examinations in those subject areas. Laboratory experience is
critical to student learning, and Ascension students enjoy double-period length labs in chemistry, physics
and AP biology each week. Students may elect to participate in the Department of Energy Science Bowl
competition. Both middle and high school teams prepare through the year for the regional tournaments
that qualify winning teams for national competition.

Ascension Academy provides students with an exemplary college preparatory education in a challenging, faith-affirming environment to maximize the potential of every student.

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