Ascension Academy
College preparatory school

Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Ascension Academy provides an exemplary college preparatory education in a challenging, faith-affirming environment to maximize the potential of every student.

School Philosophy

Ascension Academy helps develop in its students those intellectual, ethical and interpersonal qualities that support a life of intellectual growth, civic leadership and community service. Developing the minds, spirits and bodies of students in grades 6-12, Ascension Academy inspires young people to embrace the school’s motto, Veritas et Virtus, as they prepare for lives that are both successful and significant.

Fundamental Beliefs and Values

Ascension Academy exists to serve those students in the Panhandle whose intellectual readiness and motivational inclinations permit them to work independently and successfully in a challenging college prep curriculum.

The teaching and learning moment is best served in classroom settings with fewer than 20 students/class, with 15 being an optimum number to enhance student participation and teacher effectiveness.

A rigorous college-prep education must expose students to higher order thinking while training them in those academic disciplines (mathematical computation, problem-solving, writing, research, communication) necessary for achievement in college and career.

The assignment of nightly homework is an important component of a college prep education that helps students develop organizational disciplines while giving them experience working independently. Constructive socialization for adolescents in schools is critically important to the practice of good citizenship when they are adults. Students and faculty at Ascension are expected to demonstrate
respect for self and others as seen in healthy, civil and cooperative attitudes and conduct.

An Ascension Academy education is open to students of all religious faiths, and the school’s curriculum of religious instruction and mandatory chapel invites them to deepen their knowledge and spiritual awareness of a particular religious tradition while expecting them to develop an appreciation and
respect for people of all faiths.

The school believes that there is a positive correlation between how students dress for school and the care and seriousness they apply to their school work, their classmates, their teachers and their campus. A well-rounded education should not only ground students in the core disciplines of English, mathematics, science and social studies but should include foreign language, applied technology, public
speaking, music, and art.

Ascension Academy understands that young people develop in the most constructive ways when actively engaged in extra-curricular activities that help them develop their talents, learn about teamwork and cooperation, and challenge them to become leaders in service to others. The development of healthy persons must include age-appropriate study of human health and hygiene along with those required and elective opportunities for fitness, exercise, and athletics.