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PAA (pronounced “paw”) is a self-governing organization to facilitate parents working with faculty, staff, and administration to enhance our students’ education in every way possible.   Each Spring PAA elects officers from among parents to direct the organization and manage the monies raised by PAA.  The PAA President serves as a member of the Board of Regents during his/her tenure, presenting reports, ideas, and concerns to the administration and Board of Regents for consideration.

From Our Parents

We are thankful that we chose Ascension Academy for our sons’ education several years ago.  Joshua and Jacob are benefiting in more ways than we imagined in their middle school and high school years.  Looking back, we can see how both of them are growing more fully into the young men that God is calling them to become.  Ascension Academy is preparing them, daily, for their college years, giving them a much more broad perspective on life. The smaller class sizes afford more personal one on one time with their teachers, and individualized instruction is given when necessary. Questions are heard and answered in a timely manner for both parents and students.  The few times I’ve had to reach out to teachers and/or faculty members, my emails received almost immediate response. This is remarkable at the middle school and high school levels. The teachers truly care about their students; the students love and respect their teachers.  Ascension Academy plays a vital role in our sons’ lives as it upholds our value system on the home front.  Knowing they are in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment when they are away from our home during the school day, gives us invaluable comfort. Joshua and Jacob have been able to participate in sports and they have wonderful coaches who have helped them tap into and dig deep into something they have found inside themselves. The size of our school offers a more one on one approach in both academics and extracurricular.We are most grateful for the friendships that not only our boys have made, but also that we as parents have made.  Our family has been blessed with life long, enduring friendships that will last through the years.  We eagerly anticipate the community of our school growing closer and becoming more unified under the direction of our new headmaster.  Change is our only constant and we must embrace it with an attitude of gratitude. The Marshall’s are forever grateful for Ascension Academy!!!

Chad and Julie Marshall
Parents of Jacob (Ninth Grade) and Joshua (Eleventh Grade)

We did not set out to send our kids to private school, but we found that the public elementary school curriculum was geared toward preparing a child to be good test takers and herding the masses through. We wanted a school that would provide the academic rigor that would help shape a young mind and allow our children to become critical thinking adults. After living in many places across the United States we found the academic environment that we were looking for at Ascension Academy. Within a few short years, our oldest son has grown in self-confidence that has allowed him to pursue his interest both in academics and the arts in a nurturing environment. I would recommend Ascension Academy to any family that seeks to provide their children with the tools of success through a nurturing educational environment that will challenge their children to reach for a higher academic standard.

Marvin and Kathy Robinson
Parents of David (2017 Graduate) and Devon & Desmond (2021 Graduates)

When considering a relocation to the Amarillo area, we began our search for the best school for our two daughters. We hoped to find a school that provided an excellent education as well as teaching life lessons to be carried into their future. We found this, and more, at Ascension Academy.Each and every school day, Ascension Academy is preparing their students to succeed in college and beyond. By offering a safe and encouraging environment, students feel comfortable to ask questions and request help from their teachers. The smaller class sizes aid in this individualized attention and instruction. Students, and also parents, are able to form positive relationships with each of the teaching staff.  Early in middle school, students are taught critical thinking, organizational skills and good study habits.  These fundamentals are essential for succeeding in both high school and college. Ascension Academy is able to offer a multitude of options for their students.  Leadership opportunities, fine art classes and sports are some of these elections. Our girls, Kate and Claire have been able to try their hand at many of the fine art options provided.  From sculpting in art class, singing in the choir, acting on a stage in theatre or playing the cello in the orchestra, they have been able to participate in activities they enjoy. Both girls have also been able to participate in sports.With many different opportunities available, both girls were able to find a sport to fit their skill set. Having a coach that is able to provide one on one instruction helps build skill and self-confidence.Ascension Academy continues to play an integral role in our girls’ lives. They have been led out of their comfort zones and encouraged to do their best each day. God has truly blessed us with our girls, and we look forward to the young women they will become.  If you are looking for a transformative educational environment that provides your child with what it takes to succeed in college and beyond, Ascension Academy is the place for you.

Mikel and Stephanie Williamson
Parents of Kate (Eleventh Grade) and Claire (Seventh Grade)

When choosing schools for our kids we wanted a school that would challenge them academically, give them plenty of opportunities to participate in fine arts, clubs, and sports, as well as a place that encourages leadership and strong character. We wanted a school that would help them grow and help prepare them not just for college, but also beyond in the real world.  With both of us being former public school teachers, we knew this was not what most public schools are able to provide, not because of the desires and wishes of the teachers, but by the numbers those teachers are responsible for.We have seen first-hand that Ascension Academy faculty and staff care whole-heartedly about the kids they teach and their success. Anytime we have had questions or needed help at the school, we have always had quick and pleasant responses.We have enjoyed that the teachers work to create challenging and interesting lessons, spend time working with our children, making sure they understand the material, assess them to see how they are progressing, while constantly increasing the rigor. We are glad that the school has high expectations on the students to not just memorize material, but to be critical thinkers.The size of the school ensures that all students can participate in clubs, sports, and other social activities with other students, and that they will not get lost in the crowd.Our kids are encouraged to not just participate in activities within the school, but also outside of it. They are proud of the students that perform for outside dance companies, our local theater groups, club sports, as well as church and community service activities. We also love that our school promotes volunteerism and kindness and encourages our kids to work to help others. We love that our kids go to a school where they are becoming better people, not just smarter people.  We are grateful for this community that our family is a part of and the amazing the friendships we have all made at this school.  Being at Ascension Academy has helped our children grow not only academically, but in character, abilities, confidence, and friendships. We are thankful for a school that is helping them become well-rounded people. We always recommend families to check out Ascension Academy as an option for their children because it has been a true blessing for our family.

Michael & Dawn Graham
Parents of Addison (Eighth Grade) and Ben (Sixth Grade)