Ascension Academy
College preparatory school

Ascension Academics

"I am so thankful for the rich academic foundation with which Ascension provided me through its challenging curriculum and teachers and faculty who care deeply for students. Ascension teachers are rare finds, the kinds of educators who not only spend extra hours helping students figure out problems or edit essays but taking the time to learn about them over cups of hot chocolate."
Me'Lena Laudig
2015 Ascension Graduate
2019 Yale University Graduate
2020 Princeton Ph.D. Student

Ascension Academy is a unique community where challenging academic standards are upheld to promote college readiness and academic success. We do this by providing a nurturing environment where students can grow and become independent thinkers. Teachers cultivate an atmosphere where it is safe to explore new topics and ideas. Learning takes place in small classroom environments, allowing students to be seen and heard and to ensure students’ needs are met on an individualized basis.  

Middle school students are introduced to advanced curriculum and elevated expectations, helping the students to develop a high standard of excellence. Students begin classes in a world language while expanding their understanding of the English language, mathematics, history, and science. They also explore their interests in the arts and athletics, creating a well rounded experience. By the end of their middle school journey, students have had the opportunity of accumulating high school credits and are well prepared to enter the more rigorous environment of Ascension Academy’s high school.  

In high school, students are challenged to apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills both independently and collaboratively to solve problems, write effectively, and communicate their findings in a variety of modalities.  Ascension’s curriculum vertically aligns within core subjects, leading to student success in Advanced Placement classes. With college success at the forefront of objectives, students graduate from Ascension Academy as independent, confident life-long learners with the skills required for success in college and beyond.

Elisa Johnson
Dean of Academics