Ascension Academy
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Honor Societies

The cum laude society

One of only 382 schools worldwide (14 total in Texas), Ascension Academy was accepted into the Cum Laude Society in January of 2020. This association is dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools and honors Ascension's top graduates.

To be welcomed into this exceptional company of schools, Ascension had to pass through an application process in which the academic strength of curriculum, the scholarly qualifications of the faculty, and the academic performances of recent graduates was examined and judged to meet the Cum Laude Society’s standards. ​

Ascension Academy students who are welcomed into the Cum Laude Society represent the best in academic achievement, public service, and peer leadership. They are selected primarily for their academic work, including AP and SAT scores, while at Ascension. However, serious consideration is also given to the students' record of community and school service, and their role as examples for their peers. The society's motto, Areté, Diké, Timé, "excellence, justice, honor," reflects clearly in those students chosen for membership in the Society. ​

Those values are also reflected in the schools, including Ascension, that host chapters of the Society. Although the chapter at Ascension is young, the student members inducted thus far have proven worthy representatives of both Ascension and the Cum Laude Society. Ascension' Academy's consistent pursuit of academic excellence, academic honesty, and personal as well as academic honor, play major roles in shaping our faculty and students.

National honor society(NHS)

National Honor Society is based on the four national pillars of Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character. These pillars lay the foundation for developing well rounded students who strive for excellence and cultivate a willingness to serve others. At Ascension Academy, students are encouraged and provided opportunities to lead and serve in the school and the community. NJHS members also focus on community service.

In order to be considered for membership into the Ascension Academy chapter of NHS, a student must be enrolled as a sophomore, junior or senior and for a minimum of one semester at Ascension Academy. An eligible student becomes a candidate if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.85. These candidates are then evaluated by teachers on their service, leadership and character. The Faculty Council makes the final decision on those who will be inducted into the society.

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