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Seniors Sign Academic Intent Letters

April 30, 2024

Ascension Academy to Hold Academic Senior Signing Day

April 26, 2024, Amarillo, TX — Ascension Academy is pleased to announce

that 100 percent of their high school seniors were accepted to the colleges of their

choice for the next step in their educational journeys.

Fifteen will graduate from Ascension Academy on May 24, 2024. Ascension

Academy will host a Senior Academic Signing Day on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at

2:45 pm, in the Ascension Academy Gymnasium located at 9301 Ascension Pkwy,

to celebrate the academic successes of each senior and their college or university


At the time of this release, all 15 seniors were accepted to a total of 31 colleges

with $2,296,500 in university-offered, merit-based scholarships.

Two seniors will graduate with not only an Ascension Academy High School Diploma

but also have chosen to take and complete the Diplomas & Degrees program and

will receive an Associates Degree from Amarillo College. This rigorous program

required a dedication to extra coursework in addition to the challenging

college-prep classes at Ascension for these students.

Each Senior will have their table decorated for the school they are attending in the

Fall and will sign letters of intent in front of their teachers, peers and families. A list

of names and the schools they will be attending is below:

Everett Anderson- West Texas A&M University

Kiran Bolton- Southern Methodist University

Wesley Brantley- Sterling College

Elijah Chow- Oklahoma State University

Reagan Cruz- University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Caleb Drummond- Texas A&M University

Sophia Hall- University of Nebraska

Sarah Jones- Texas A&M University

Amy O’Brien- Baylor University

Gabrielle Parker- Oklahoma State University

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sarah Silva, Director of Marketing


Date: May 3, 2022

Gregory Parker- Oklahoma State University, Honors College

Veronica Portillo- Kansas State University

Joseph Raef- West Texas A&M University

Andres Rios- Stephen F Austin University

Suma Cum Laude, Valedictorian and Salutatorian announcements will be made on

May 14th at the Baccalaureate Chapel Ceremony at Ascension Academy.


Seniors Sign Academic Intent Letters

April 30, 2024
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